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Antique Coffee Grinder

In our family, we’ve always enjoyed a good cup of coffee. In fact, if you believe a family legend, my great grandmother was said to be one of the finest coffee makers this side of the great lakes. So when great grand mother passed away at the age of ninety two, all of us were understandably unhappy.

Well, such things are bound to happen and while life had to go on, a couple of us started packing up her worldly belongings. It was then that we first found the antique coffee grinder. As far as antique coffee grinders go, it was a pretty nondescript one. Now I have no real idea what an actual antique coffee grinder is supposed to look like, but there it was! A genuine antique coffee grinder that sat staring at me right in the face.


Coffee Bean Grinder

Why would you go through the trouble of using a coffee bean grinder? The answer is obvious to the serious coffee lovers out there already: fresh ground coffee smells and tastes wonderful! Grinding your own coffee gives you more control over how fine of a grind you can get for your coffee, which for the coffee aficionado is of paramount importance. If you love coffee, and want the best cup you can get, read on! If you haven’t tried grinding your own coffee before, you may find your curiosity piqued by what you read here.


What Is Gourmet Coffee ?

With the recent trends in big name coffee shops and the growing popularity of small gourmet coffee shops all over the country, it seems everyone is starting to take notice of the trend.  But exactly what is gourmet coffee?

Contrary to popular opinion, it is not rarity or price that gives coffee its status, but rather the flavor.  This is where the differences in definitions of gourmet coffee begin.  Some say that gourmet coffee is regular coffee that has added ingredients to change the flavor or aroma.  Others say that in order for a coffee to be considered gourmet, the beans must be from different climates and grown in certain soil types, and that it must be freshly ground in order to qualify, that adding flavor to regular coffee only gives you flavored coffee.  Whatever your definition, gourmet coffees are certainly different than the coffee your average person makes out of a can before work in the morning.


The Burr Coffee Grinder – Selecting The Right One

In a previous article we talked about the advantages of a burr coffee grinder as compared to a blade grinder. Here we’ll take it one step further by talking about how to pick out the right burr grinder. It’s not just a matter of going to the store to pick out the first grinder you see.

All grinders, whether they are burr or blade, have different accessories and functions. The good news is that they will all assist you in creating a perfect cup because you’ll be pulling out all the components of the beans that are necessary for good coffee. (more…)