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A Recipe For Homemade Cappuccino

Many of us will go a little bit nuts if we are deprived of our favorite frothy coffee drinks, but what happens if you find yourself stuck at home and your nearest coffeehouse is simply inaccessible? You’ll find that all you need to do is to look up a great recipe for homemade cappuccino, and you’ll be set! Many people tend to think of this delightful treat as something they can only get at a cafe or a restaurant. The truth is, cappuccino was always a beverage that can be easily enjoyed in the home.

For a very traditional way to drink cappuccino, just start by brewing up some espresso, the equivalent of about a shot or two. Some people who prefer their cappuccinos a little lighter or prefer less caffeine, will use coffee instead. All you need to do is add some hot milk, and then a dollop of frothed milk, and you’re all set. (more…)