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Gifts For Coffee Drinkers

Finding the perfect gift for the coffee lover in your life continues to become easier. Since the human race first embraced coffee it has grown and changed in an amazing variety of ways. Long gone are the days of black coffee. Gifts for coffee drinkers can consist of everything from fancy, custom mugs to the pricey carafe that promises the best brew. There’s no reason to ever feel intimidated or clueless as far as java related gifts go. Price never needs to be an issue when fantastic possibilities range from just a few bucks to a few hundred. Don’t hesitate to use thought and creativity rather than simply choosing the first item that fits.


Coffee Roasting Machines

The delicate aroma and deep rich flavor of coffee isn’t there naturally. That is correct, if I were to show you a handful of green coffee beans and told you to take a whiff, you probably would think they were some sort of health food bean. The magical flavor and bold body of coffee is created by a long bout of careful roasting. The coffee roaster is the true transformer of coffee from green and ordinary, to intoxicating extraordinary. What if you could roast beans at home? With the advent of coffee roasting machines; you can!


Gourmet Decaf Coffee

Coffee for breakfast is as American as apple pie, and millions of people enjoy coffee the world over at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In this age of health clubs and health awareness, there is a growing demand for gourmet decaf coffee. Is it even possible to consider decaf coffee gourmet? And is gourmet decaf coffee any better than your average run of the mill generic joe‘? These are all questions that every coffee aficionado should have satisfactory answers to.


How To Clean A Coffee Maker

If you own a coffee maker, you are probably a lover of the brew. This means that when your brew has an off taste, or isn’t absolutely perfect, you can tell. One of the key aspects of keeping your coffee maker happy so that it will give you pot after pot of bold, delicious coffee is by keeping it clean. Sure, you may rinse it after each use, maybe even wash it every week with soap and water (which is a no-no) but the coffee maker is one of those appliances of convenience that are not the most convenient to wash and keep clean. From hard water to coffee oils, the coffee maker has its share of woes. Do not be discouraged though, here are some tips on how to clean a coffee maker so that it makes flavorful coffee without imparting any flavors of its own. (more…)

Why Do People Put Egg Shells in Brewing Coffee ?

Believe it or not, people have been putting egg shells in their brewing coffee for several decades. Some people swear by it and others completely disagree, but there are legitimate reasons for both arguments. So why do people put egg shells in brewing coffee?

The main reason individuals like to add egg shells to coffee is because it can take away the bitterness of less than gourmet coffee grounds, and turn them into a smooth and enjoyable cup of coffee. This method is most commonly used on cheaper brands of coffee or coffee that is not very fresh, since it helps to improve the flavor as well as balance the pH. (more…)

How to Clean a Percolator Coffee Pot

Coffee is a staple in most homes today, which means your coffee pot is most likely used on a daily basis.  It’s not enough to simply rinse out the coffee pot and change out the filter each time you brew a fresh pot of coffee.  Every coffee maker requires a bit of maintenance to brew excellent tasting coffee every time. And you have to know how to clean a percolator coffee pot to keep it from ruining the taste.


How is Coffee Flavored ?

Are you a connoisseur of flavored coffees? Have you ever wondered how is coffee flavored? Obviously the beans are not grown that way. The goal of the flavored coffee is to increase the drinking experience making it even more satisfying. While a quick check of history will show that flavored coffees have in fact been around for centuries, it wasn’t until the 1990’s that the masses started to not only enjoy, but crave the added bliss of a flavored coffee.

It is truly a technological masterpiece that coffee can now be flavored with just about any flavor you can think of. French silk, hazelnut, French vanilla, cinnamon, Irish crème, raspberry, chocolate cream the list goes on and on. While the beans are obviously manufactured to be flavored, there are special beans that are used for this process. That is because the natural flavor of the bean has a direct impact on the way the flavor turns out once the flavor compounds are added to the bean. Did you know that a coffee bean contains more then 800 compounds that affect the way it taste? (more…)

How Do I Make Cappuccino ?

With trendy coffee shops on virtually every corner in cities these days, and even fast food joints trying to cash in on the popularity of the gourmet coffee trend, many people are starting to discover how delicious beverages such as espresso and cappuccino really are.  Many consumers are now asking, how do I make cappuccino?  It certainly saves a bundle over trendy store prices, and you can customize the beverage to your specific tastes.

First we will start with the basics.  You will need an espresso machine, some ground coffee, and milk, as well as cinnamon, sugar, chocolate flakes, and nutmeg if desired.  As far as the coffee goes, use what you decide is best.  Most people prefer darker beans, such as espresso roasts, but some people prefer a lighter bean.  Try to get the coffee as finely ground as possible.  When it comes to the espresso maker, there are many types, from the electronic machines down to the simple 3 chamber aluminum pots.  Any of these will work quite well.


What is Cappuccino ?

What is cappuccino besides a frothy, hot, delectable and oh so brilliantly specialized coffee drink? Well – that rather sums it up! However, there is history behind this wonderful invention. Cappuccino is, in fact, an espresso drink. Meaning it uses finely ground coffee passed through a very fine filter creating a small amount of drinkable coffee that packs a huge punch.

The drink originated in Italy and, as I mentioned, is prepared with espresso. Hot milk and foam is also used. Many confuse the cappuccino with a café latte. The café latte is nearly half milk and foam whereas cappuccino is primarily coffee with foam.


Decaf Specialty Coffee

Most people on earth are aware of the magical beverage known as coffee. The question is, is it possible to enjoy a hot cup of java without the side effects of the caffeine buzz? Decaf specialty coffee claims to be able to deliver the elusive flavor of full-bodied, full-caffeine coffee without the caffeine. Could this be possible?