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Why Do People Put Egg Shells in Brewing Coffee ?

Believe it or not, people have been putting egg shells in their brewing coffee for several decades. Some people swear by it and others completely disagree, but there are legitimate reasons for both arguments. So why do people put egg shells in brewing coffee?

The main reason individuals like to add egg shells to coffee is because it can take away the bitterness of less than gourmet coffee grounds, and turn them into a smooth and enjoyable cup of coffee. This method is most commonly used on cheaper brands of coffee or coffee that is not very fresh, since it helps to improve the flavor as well as balance the pH.

This process is done by using smashed up egg shells, which are usually taken off of hard boiled eggs. The shells are rinsed off under warm water and smashed up into small pieces, and then added to coffee grounds inside a drip brew coffee maker. Because egg shells are made up almost entirely of calcium carbonate, the pH is neutralized to provide a smoother tasting cup of coffee. Older recipes call for adding an entire raw egg to the grounds, but this is rarely practiced because of the risk of consuming raw foods.

Using larger pieces of egg shell has been known to settle the grounds in the coffee, but this practice really isn’t necessary when using a drip brew coffee maker. It was more commonly used for instant coffee that was boiled in a pan, since it kept the ground coffee on the bottom of the pan and away from the coffee that was for drinking. It was a popular idea many decades ago, but has been replaced by new coffee makers that keep the grounds away from the brewed coffee.

There are many who are actually against the idea of adding egg shells to coffee, especially since there is an easier solution for being able to enjoy a decent cup of coffee. Buying quality coffee that is fresh is a better solution that trying to improve a poor quality coffee, since it does not contain a bitter taste or unbalanced pH.

Another reason why many are against using egg shells is brewing coffee is because many individuals are allergic to eggs, and small amounts of egg can be left on the shells even after rinsing them off. Egg shells that have even been washed using hot water for a long period of time can still cause an allergic reaction, since some of the components from the egg can be left on the shell. It is important to let any guests know if egg shells are being used in brewing coffee, since drinking the coffee can actually trigger an allergic reaction that can be very serious.

Using egg shells in coffee is a very well thought out idea, but isn’t necessary when quality coffee is purchased. It is important to let guests know when using egg shells in order to prevent a reaction from occurring, or instead purchasing gourmet coffee to prevent having to use egg shells in brewing coffee at all. Using egg shells in coffee is an idea that was developed many years ago, and has now been replaced with sophisticated coffee makers and various gourmet coffees from all over the world.

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