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The Burr Coffee Grinder – Selecting The Right One

In a previous article we talked about the advantages of a burr coffee grinder as compared to a blade grinder. Here we’ll take it one step further by talking about how to pick out the right burr grinder. It’s not just a matter of going to the store to pick out the first grinder you see.

All grinders, whether they are burr or blade, have different accessories and functions. The good news is that they will all assist you in creating a perfect cup because you’ll be pulling out all the components of the beans that are necessary for good coffee.

In burr coffee grinders, the grinding mechanism simply grinds the beans into a receptacle. The vast majority are electric, meaning all you do are place the beans inside, set the controls for the desired coarseness, and push a button. It’s an efficient process in that it optimizes the time of the grind. And it’s flexible since you select how coarse the grind will be.

If espresso is your drink of choice, then you know that even the best home espresso machines will not produce good results if you don’t have the right grinds. This is where a burr coffee grinder is so good since you select the ideal coarseness. Just let the grinding wheel do it’s work.

Generally there are two types of burr grinders available. The first is the conical burr grinder. These will spin slowly and are best used for beans that are more oily or flavored coffees. Wheel grinders on the other hand spin very fast. These are usually less expensive and are messier than a conical burr, but you’ll find wheel grinders also do a good job of producing a consistent grind.

So as you go out (or shop online) to find your new burr grinder there’s a couple of things you need to look at. The first obviously is the quality of the grind, Anything beyond that is secondary. But things like the speed and the amount of mess should also be considered.

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