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How is Coffee Flavored ?

Are you a connoisseur of flavored coffees? Have you ever wondered how is coffee flavored? Obviously the beans are not grown that way. The goal of the flavored coffee is to increase the drinking experience making it even more satisfying. While a quick check of history will show that flavored coffees have in fact been around for centuries, it wasn’t until the 1990’s that the masses started to not only enjoy, but crave the added bliss of a flavored coffee.

It is truly a technological masterpiece that coffee can now be flavored with just about any flavor you can think of. French silk, hazelnut, French vanilla, cinnamon, Irish crème, raspberry, chocolate cream the list goes on and on. While the beans are obviously manufactured to be flavored, there are special beans that are used for this process. That is because the natural flavor of the bean has a direct impact on the way the flavor turns out once the flavor compounds are added to the bean. Did you know that a coffee bean contains more then 800 compounds that affect the way it taste?

The flavor is not only affected by those compounds but also by where it is grown and how the bean is roasted. The name of the coffee bean can tell you everything you need to know about where it was grown and the quality of the bean, as well as the type of roast that was used on them. Your favorite flavored coffee may contain more then one type of bean or only one type of bean. Traditionally Arabica beans are used in flavored coffees. The Arabica bean is used due to the fact that it has a lower level of bitterness and acidity. These beans are considered top notch in quality, are loaded with natural flavor and are not as harsh as some of the other beans.

So these Arabica beans are flavored then with oils that are a combination of synthetic and natural flavors. These flavors are crafted by a professional flavor chemist. The natural oils that are used are taken from a variety of sources and the synthetic flavors are made special for the coffee they are creating on a large commercial basis. How does the coffee flavoring differ from flavoring of other foods we consume? Interestingly enough other foods usually only require the careful mixing of about 10 ingredients. Your favorite flavored coffee though can take up to 80 different ingredients to get that exact flavor you crave.

The flavoring that is used has strict guidelines that it must meet before it can be added to the Arabica beans. The flavor compound must not only be safe and approved to be used on food, they also must not produce an adverse reaction with the packaging material used to package the coffee or the equipment that is used to process the flavored coffee bean. Finally the flavoring compound must also fall with in the cost constraints that were set forth by the manufacturer for not only production by sale.

Yet no matter how well the coffee is flavored it just won’t taste right if it’s not brewed correctly. That’s why having a quality coffee maker is not simply a luxury but a necessity for anyone who enjoys a perfect cup of coffee.

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