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How Do I Make Cappuccino ?

With trendy coffee shops on virtually every corner in cities these days, and even fast food joints trying to cash in on the popularity of the gourmet coffee trend, many people are starting to discover how delicious beverages such as espresso and cappuccino really are.  Many consumers are now asking, how do I make cappuccino?  It certainly saves a bundle over trendy store prices, and you can customize the beverage to your specific tastes.

First we will start with the basics.  You will need an espresso machine, some ground coffee, and milk, as well as cinnamon, sugar, chocolate flakes, and nutmeg if desired.  As far as the coffee goes, use what you decide is best.  Most people prefer darker beans, such as espresso roasts, but some people prefer a lighter bean.  Try to get the coffee as finely ground as possible.  When it comes to the espresso maker, there are many types, from the electronic machines down to the simple 3 chamber aluminum pots.  Any of these will work quite well.

When you have all of the ingredients, fill your water container, preferably with filtered water for optimum taste.  Now put the ground coffee into the hopper and be sure to tamp it down well.  For automatic machines, wait until the temperature is right, and lock the portafilter with the hopper inside into the machine, and turn on the brewer.  For aluminum pots, tamp your coffee into the middle chamber and turn on the heat, letting your espresso rise into the upper chamber until the cream foam comes out of the upper chamber.  Be sure to turn off the heat after this process.  When done, you should have your espresso ready to go.

Now it is time for the milk.  If you are using the aluminum pot method, simply take some milk and pour it into a saucepan, heating it until it is skimmed over, then put into a blender and blend on high until it foams.  If you are using an espresso machine, pour your milk into a carafe and insert the steam nozzle about halfway into the milk, steaming until you have the desired amount of foam.

Now, simply pour the espresso into your favorite mug, and add steamed milk to the top, spooning foam onto the top as much as desired.  From here, your cappuccino is essentially done, simply add sugar if desired.  For a coffee shop feel, you can sprinkle on nutmeg and cinnamon or add chocolate flakes.  It is worth noting that there are a number of variations that are possible when making your own cappuccino.  For starters, there are a number of decaf beans that make quite a delicious cappuccino.  For people looking for a slightly healthier beverage, you can use two percent, one percent, or nonfat milk in your drink.  Also, if you prefer a cafĂ© latte, you simply follow the same directions as above, but double or triple the amount of milk added.  It may take a few tries to get the perfect cup, but soon you will find that it is easy, fun, and quite delicious to make your own cappuccino from home.

That may seem like a lot of work, but it doesn’t have to be. There are now numerous machines on the market that will do all the perfect heating and mixing for you. Don’t be fooled by cheaper machines, they simply won’t taste right

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