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Coffee Bean Grinder

Why would you go through the trouble of using a coffee bean grinder? The answer is obvious to the serious coffee lovers out there already: fresh ground coffee smells and tastes wonderful! Grinding your own coffee gives you more control over how fine of a grind you can get for your coffee, which for the coffee aficionado is of paramount importance. If you love coffee, and want the best cup you can get, read on! If you haven’t tried grinding your own coffee before, you may find your curiosity piqued by what you read here.

A lot of people have some trepidation about grinding their own coffee beans. They think it will be difficult or messy, neither of which is the case. Another argument often heard is that “it’s so much easier to just open a can”. However, the difference between canned supermarket coffee and fresh ground whole beans is like night and day. When coffee is ground, the volatile oils immediately begin to deteriorate which means that the coffee loses flavor and aroma. This is why grinding your own beans will result in a superior cup; you can grind your coffee beans immediately before brewing, which ensures you will be getting the maximum flavor in your cup.

What sort of coffee grinder should you choose? There are a few kinds available. The most popular are blade grinders and burr grinders. Blade grinders are usually the cheapest type of coffee grinder commonly seen on the market. Looking and functioning much like a small blender, they use small blades to grind coffee beans. These are not optimal in the minds of the true coffee sophisticates, but are still preferably to canned coffee. The idea behind coffee grinding is to increase surface area exposed to water, thus allowing more of the oils to be extracted. Since blade grinders, especially cheaper models do not produce an even grind, they are considered inferior by the experts.

Blade Grinders and Burr Grinders

Burr grinders are the preferred option by serious coffee lovers, and are what you will find in a coffee house doing the grinding duties. The burrs in question are metal grinding discs which are spaced precisely, resulting in an even grind for your beans; which makes for a truly superior cup. Many burr grinders are adjustable, letting you grind for any sort of coffee you’d like. From automatic drip to Turkish coffee, you can have it your way.

A perfect cup of coffee is largely a subjective thing, but freshly ground coffee beans are the common element regardless of individual tastes. Whether you choose a blade or burr style of grinder, you will find your coffee drinking experience greatly enhanced by grinding your own coffee. In fact, once you try out a coffee bean grinder, we doubt very much you’ll ever want to go back to buying pre-ground canned coffee. It is a simple addition to your kitchen, but one that will bring you untold enjoyment each and every morning as you have that first cup of coffee.

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