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About Fitness Coffee

Fitness Coffee was the work of years of preparation, thousands of hours of research and hundreds of professional Italian coffee connoisseurs. Like all great ideas, Irina Tanina and Giuio Micioini realized the missing product when ordering a normal cup of coffee at a local Italian coffee shop.

The initials thoughts came from wondering why new innovation and new types of coffees have been so limited. These thoughts lead to asking how the natural antioxidants properties of coffee could be enhanced and turn in to a natural and functional drink. The temptation was there to cheapen the product, make it less healthy but the standard was set and the team did not give up until the goal was attained.

Giulio Micioni studied Pharmacy at the world-renowned Bologna University, which gave the team the tools to create perfect balance of science and taste, while Irina Tanina set the stage to sale and market the product around the world. Fitness Coffee was introduced to the market in September 2007 after four years of scientific and technical studies, the patent was awarded in June 2009 (n.0001361629).

By teaming up with local business leaders from various countries, the product is being distributed through out Europe, Australia and North America, Fitness Coffee continues to see success wherever it goes.

Fitness Coffee is an all natural product manufactured in Bracciano, Lazio region of Italy. We take great pride in our product, our company and the benefits that you will receive when drinking Fitness Coffee: The all natural way to replenish your body’s needs through your daily cups of coffee. Fitness Coffee brings more energy, faster metabolism and an ample supply of antioxidants. Compare Fitness Coffee Antioxidant and Fitness Coffee Energy Blends to other well-known drinks known to be high in antioxidants.

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